We love to discuss and generate ideas

We believe that the best ideas come out by competing.

We are changing the paradigms about "sustainability", which is a question mark for everyone in the NFT world. Forget repetitive platforms and payouts based on the economy of new players. Meet now with our exciting games where players can earn fair and transparent earnings.

 A brand new ecosystem    Exciting games  

Our Story and Goals

Who Are We

Wenix Gaming Studios was founded with the idea of developing new ideas and a new ecosystem for the ever-evolving gaming and NFT industry. We started with the idea of creating a completely different economic model where players can play for free and earn money. The unequal distribution of income in the world unfortunately causes people in some countries to live in much more difficult conditions. As Wenix, we want a player living in the most developed country in the world to play on equal terms with another player in the worst economically situation. That's why we are committed to providing excellent optimization in all our games. As a team that constantly develops and develops itself, we believe that we will bring differences and trends to the NFT and game industry

What are Wenix's Goals?

Powered by the transformative potential of blockchain technology, Wenix is determined to shape the future of NFT gaming. Our mission is to lead a paradigm shift in the digital world, beyond the gaming industry. Besides being a game company, Wenix will also be a huge marketplace for developers. Different developers like 3d character artists, 3d asset and decor artists will be able to sell on Wenix's marketplace. Our goal is to be a platform where many people can earn income.

  Creating Creative Games

Our primary goal is to design and develop fun and innovative games that add value to users' lives. These games aim to provide players with a unique and customizable experience, using unique NFT assets.

 Building a Fair Economy

We aim to create a fair and transparent economy where digital assets are fully owned by players. This is a system where players earn as they play and can convert the assets they earn into real-world value

 Empowering the Community

Empowering our players and community is a core part of our goals. We will continuously improve our games by listening to the feedback of the players and responding to their needs and wishes

 A Sustainable Blockchain Eco-System

We aim to adopt and support energy efficient infrastructures and solutions to mitigate the environmental impact of NFTs and blockchain technology.

 Investing in Education

We plan to invest in educational resources and programs to expand the knowledge base on blockchain technology and NFTs. We want to enable our players and the general public to better understand and use this new technology effectively.

 Transforming Blockchain's Gaming Industry

We aim to build the future of the gaming industry on blockchain technology and encourage the industry to fully adopt NFTs.

Why Was Wenix Token Produced?

We will create an additional income model for our players and investors with the Wenix Token, which we will use in all our projects. The value of Wenix Token will increase with in-game equipment sales, in-game advertising payments, and revenue from developer sales. It will turn into a token that is valued and in demand with different income models. Unlike other NFT projects, Wenix undertakes that in all projects Wenix will develop, it will not offer tokens that are not based on a specific source and whose price changes only depending on new user momentum.